Having three days in a row painting outside was wonderful! Although today was beautiful, sunny and calm, it was 12 degrees when we woke up and it took a long time to warm up. I had a fairly full day of work ahead of me so I decided to stay in the studio and reacquaint myself with oils.
Wanting a quick set up, I went back to fruit and kitchenware. Although I’ve done this type of still life numerous times before, painting these curved objects really hones my skills of observation. I pay attention to volume, edges, shadows, and reflected light. These still life studies will help me create more depth and volume in my landscape paintings.
This is a larger canvas than I usually work with. I like working on smooth boards better, without the texture of the canvas, but my choice was a square format and this was all I had.
A classic blue and yellow color scheme along with a touch of orange. The lemons could glisten a little more but I’ll give it another pass later.