Day 25 #stradaeasel
I was keeping one eye on the window while working at my graphic design job this morning, waiting for the snow to stop and the sun to come out. The snow stopped midday. I waited half the afternoon and by then it was pretty much a given that the clouds were here to stay, I went back to my trusty tulips in the studio and my oil paints.
The tulips are definitely on their last petal. As I was trying to figure out an arrangement, I lost 3 tulips and these deep red ones were precarious. The yellow tulips are finally starting to loosen up and all the other colors have gone by.
My thought today was that it would be interesting to paint the scene closer in—a sort of micro shot—inspired by a memory of Georgia O’Keefe’s work.
I wanted to attempt to capture the deep volume of the interior and the red tulips worked well for this, along with the stamens receding into them. I went for predominantly strong violet tones against the softer green-yellow tones.
“Last Tulips”, 6″ x 8″, oil