Day 14 #stradaeasel
Another gray day and another still life. I’d love to get back outdoors but our weather is not cooperating. There isn’t even a hint of a sunset to paint from the window.
I enjoyed a beautiful Christmas bouquet of flowers and have been contemplating painting it. Most of the flowers have gone by but the carnations still had some life in them along with the greenery. I plucked those out of the arrangement and laid them in my box with the reading light shining from the right.
Since I didn’t have a good backdrop, I left the background white. The cast shadows were interesting with all the stems and flowers.
Flowers are another lesson for me as I’ve only attempted a few types. I painted the outline shape of the flower with a deep purple and then added the highlights. My painting doesn’t match the flowers exactly because trying to draw every single petal would drive me crazy. Especially with the limited time I have to devote to it. However I’m hoping that I captured the essence of a carnation and I’m letting you, the viewer, fill in all the rest of the detail.
The set up photo shows the arrangement in the box.

©Francesca Droll, Christmas Carnations Set up