Yesterday, I went out with a couple of my artist friends to plein air. It was a beautiful day, warm enough not to need down jackets or ski pants or even a hat! A week ago, the lake was still frozen and now, the snow is melting so fast, every day looks closer to our much anticipated spring. I’m even seeing some of the grasses just starting to show a touch of green. As you can imagine, we are all very excited!

These are a couple of quick paintings I did yesterday at Finley Point. Another gorgeous spot on the southeast end of Flathead Lake.

Although I’m happy not to have to deal with snow anymore, I’m sad that I won’t have any fresh snow to paint. It has been so much fun capturing the light and colors as they reflect off the snow. I’m sure my attention will be well occupied with new inspiration as spring continues to emerge.

©Francesca Droll, “Winter Melt”, 6″ x 8″