My signature painting for the Hockaday Museum of Art’s “A Timeless Legacy” exhibit. Exhibit begins August 8 with a reception and hopefully we’ll all be able to gather.Exhibit runs through October 31, 2020. Please visit Hockaday Museum of Art’s website for more information.
Driving back to our cabin after a day of plein air in Glacier National Park, we were heading out of St. Mary’s when this approaching storm came over the mountains. It was so dramatic that I asked my friend to pull over and let me take some photos. I stepped out of the car and was almost blown over by the wind. I crouched down to get the swaying grasses in the foreground. The wind was whipping and whistling in my ears as I took a few photos and jumped back in the car just as raindrops started to fall. The storm chased us all the way to Duck Lake where we were staying for the night. I painted a small study of this scene the next day while the image was still fresh in my mind.
14.5” x 30”, original pastel