Plein air painting is always an adventure. I was painting the Blaisdell Barn in Somers recently on a beautiful afternoon. After I was finished, I hoisted up my backpack and was walking back to the car with a bag in one hand and carrying my painting in the other. I caught one foot on a stick and with no hands to break the fall, I did a spectacular face plant.
Luckily I wasn’t injured. I picked myself up and continued to the car. After loading everything into the car and changing from my boots to sandals, I sat in the car and looked in the rear view mirror to back up and leave. I laughed out loud when I saw my face. Thank goodness I did. I can just imagine the looks I would have gotten at the grocery store!
How I managed to do a face plant directly on my painting is a mystery but the painting emerged relatively unscathed. Oh, the life and times of a plein air painter—never boring!