I’ve just dropped off these three new paintings at ArtFusion Gallery in Bigfork. Just a few words about each piece…


This painting, Deep Purple Storm, was inspired by a very stormy evening looking over Flathead Lake from Woods Bay. The storms come out of the southwest which is the direction of the view in this painting. It was one of those incredible evenings when the color was surreal. I exaggerated the color a bit but it was very much like this the night of the storm.

Francesca Droll, Deep Purple Storm, 14 1/2″ x 8 1/8″, pastel on archival board, silver wood frame and glass, $395

It was an early morning in Glacier National Park. My plein air group was on the hunt for a suitable painting spot. We walked the trails around Sun Point and as we were walking back to the car, I turned around and shot this photo of the light coming over the mountain and starting to illuminate the trail. It stuck with me for a couple of years before I hunted down the photo and painted this scene titled Yonder Come Day.

Francesca Droll, Yonder Come Day, 13 1/4″ x 8 1/8″, pastel on archival board, black wood frame with gold gilt edge and glass, $395

John and I took three days and drove over to Choteau for a painting excursion. John is so supportive of my art. He has no trouble hanging around the car and picking at his guitar while I’m off in some river gulley painting to my heart’s content. It was a beautiful evening and we got out to Freezout Lake in time for me to set up my easel and do a quick study. John walked around me, puffing a cigar to protect me from the mosquitos. My insect repellant only lasted so long before the blood thirsty suckers were on me. The scene was extraordinary, with the grasses and lake gilded by the sunset. It was well worth any discomfort. I took the study and painted this larger version, Gilded Grasses, in a much more comfortable studio.

Francesca Droll, Gilded Grasses, 16″ x 12″, pastel on archival board, black wood frame with gold gilt edge ad glass, $550


If any of these tickle your fancy, please contact ArtFusion Gallery in Bigfork, Montana to purchase at 406-837-3526 or by email at artfusion@centurytel.net