It’s so wonderful to be able to meet those people who love your work enough to buy it and hang it in their home. It’s such an honor!

I had that privilege this past July when the collectors who purchased a piece in June were coming back to Bigfork and wanted to meet me as well as acquire another painting. They were a very nice couple from Olympia, Washington and I met them one afternoon at ArtFusion Gallery in Bigfork.

They looked at several paintings and took a couple of days to decide. They chose “Mystery Calling”, one of theĀ  paintings from my “2 Sides to Every Story” series and I couldn’t have been happier for these people to take that one home.

The were kind enough to send me a photo of it hanging along with my other painting over a cherished grouping of family heirlooms. What a wonderful experience for me and hopefully for them too!

Photo of two of Francesca Droll's paintings.

“Mystery Calling” on the left and “Spring Arrives”. Both are 12″ x 9″, pastel on archival paper.