Original pastel painting by Francesca Droll

FRANCESCA DROLL, fine artist

As a person who has spent much of her free time enjoying the outdoors, the landscape of a place speaks volumes to me. There I experience serenity, comfort, and balance, while my spirit is revitalized and my energy renewed. As a painter, I strive to capture these same emotions and energy in my pastel landscapes.

The medium of pastel lends itself well to creating an atmospheric quality to landscapes. I enjoy using the vibrant colors of the pigments to convey movement as the light plays across the scene as if it were a lyrical melody or, in some cases, a symphony of color. My artistic endeavor is to capture the feeling of a borrowed moment in time and to spark an  emotion in the viewer, whether via the drama of light streaming through the trees, the subdued tones of color in the clouds, or the simple beauty of a farm along the road.

I remember, as a young child, romanticizing artists, reading their biographies, and dreaming of becoming an artist myself. It wasn’t until I was in my early 20s that I began to pursue my passion and attended the University of Oregon’s Art School. I have been painting off and on ever since. In the past few years, I have returned to pastel painting with a new-found enthusiasm and a dedication to developing my artistic voice.

A resident of Bigfork, Montana, I continue to work as a graphic designer. Along with my husband, John Webster, we have run Abacus Graphics for over 30 years.