This is the painting for Day 3 #stradaeasel
Today the temps warmed up to 40 degrees—crazy warm for January! I appreciated it however because I could paint outdoors without my fingers freezing—not to mention the rest of me!
I don’t really have a plein air (outdoor painting) set up for oils. So I took out my pastel plein air kit and painted with pastels instead. Then I came into the studio and did the same scene in oils. My photo shows both the pastel and oil paintings. Can you guess which is which?
A sure clue is the shine on the oil painting. It’s difficult to get a good photo of an oil painting without getting glare in some spots. I’ll have to try to figure that one out. I’ll also have to learn out how to make thin tree branches in oil.
The painting is overlooking Flathead Lake from Woods Bay on the east shore. The spindly tree is a very old cherry tree leftover from when our section of Crane Mountain was one big cherry orchard. The pastel was done at 9″ x 12″ and the oil was done at 6″ x 8″.