This is the painting for Day 8 #stradaeasel

Last night, the wind stopped, the stars came out, and we woke this morning to 22 degrees. Brrr! It never got up to freezing outside so another rummage through the kitchen for a still life inspiration. I don’t know why I’m attracted to dishes and fruits and veggies—I guess because they are such beautiful, colorful objects to paint.
I used the same setup as yesterday but these objects were larger and I had a hard time fitting it far enough into the produce box that I used this time because it is larger. So I will have to give it some more thought.
Another new lesson learned today—don’t drop your painting face down on the carpet! Amazingly, when I picked it up (in record time) there was no paint on the carpet and I just had to pick a few pieces of debris off the painting. Whew!