This is the painting for Day 5 #stradaeasel
Once again, the temps were warm enough to paint outside comfortably. I set up my easel in the forest behind my house and I was so fortunate to have the sun break through the overcast and filter through the trees during my plein air session.
Today, I completed the outdoor painting in pastel but didn’t have the time to work on an oil painting. As much as I’d like to devote all my waking hours to making art, I realize a balanced life that nurtures relationships is just as important.
This is my set up, I have a backpack that holds 3 pastel boxes (my main box sits on my easel), sketchbook, pencils, brushes, color wheel, rubbing alcohol, rags, and a myriad of other necessary doodads. I carry my easel and umbrella in long bags with handles and one more large bag to carry my paper and support boards in varying sizes.

©Francesca Droll, Sun Spots Plein Air