We have a red fox running around the neighborhood delighting all those who are lucky enough to see it.

The neighbor’s dog is not so delighted and the fox has learned how to torment the poor animal. The fox goes up to our neighbor’s house and sits in front of the window waiting for the dog to see it and start barking. If the dog happens to be outside, the fox stays outside the perimeter fence and runs around it, the dog chasing from inside the fence. The fox seems to find no end of enjoyment from its naughty behavior.

I believe it is a “she” fox and she has a den nearby. We are always excited to see wildlife around the house. Each morning after a fresh snow, there are various tracks of deer, turkeys, and now the little fox prints. I’m so grateful to live in such a wonderful landscape!

“Snow Fox”, 8″ x 6″, pastel—John captured the fox on video and I took a frame from the video to paint the fox’s pose.