Day 2 of the Strada Challenge: Today I got an invitation to paint at a friend’s property. Lael and her husband have done an amazing job landscaping a small part of their 20 acres in the heart of a forest. It’s always a challenge to pick one spot to paint as there are so many lovely views. Luckily, I can go back any time to paint again.

This is one of their ponds that is fed from a creek that passes through their property. I had limited time and I wasn’t able to finish the painting on site. However I got a good start and then finished it in my studio. The rock on the left was a little awkward in my first attempt so I brushed off that part of the painting and repainted it. I also finished the foreground with the sky filtering through the tree branches.

Here is the scene as I was seeing and my progress with the painting when I left.

Photo of painting setup of Lael's Pond.

©Francesca Droll, Plein air set up of Lael’s Pond