Day 15 #stradaeasel

Once again, it was a gray day. I suppose I could go out and see how many shades of gray I could capture but that doesn’t really get my creative juices flowing. It would be a good exercise though so I might keep that in mind.

After doing the carnations yesterday, I thought I’d tackle violets today. Violets are special to me because they remind me of my mother. She always had several African Violets growing in her kitchen window. I received this plant for my birthday (thank you, Rose) a couple of years ago and it has flourished in our house.

I’d hoped to have more time to paint today but life, as it so often does, got in the way. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Moving fast makes you focus on the main elements and one doesn’t have time to nitpick the details.
The light is coming from the right once again. Maybe I should switch that up next time I do a still life—I’m a creature of habit! The most difficult part of this painting was the color of the violets. I just couldn’t get that vibrant, saturated hue of pink purple. That must be one of those colors that has to come out of a tube. I’ll have to ask my oil painting friends what they recommend.