Day 12 #stradaeasel
It’s been a long day—I just got home at 10:30 pm. It was another eye opening day of instruction at the workshop with Ken Yarus. Afterwards the class got together for wine, pizza, fun and frivolity. Such a great group of peeps. I almost forgot I had to post this painting tonight!
I started the day working some more on the still life from yesterday. Then I set up some lemons, limes, and an orange for today’s painting. I know that I’ve done these fruits before but I needed a simple setup as I knew it would be difficult to finish a second painting today.
As I suspected, I didn’t finish the painting but I got a good start on it and will complete it when I can. The citrus all needs another pass with fine tuning the light and shadows as well as the cast shadows. Also, I used kitchen towels with stripes as my backdrop and you’ll see that they look unfinished.
These are photos of the set up so that you can see what the missing pieces look like. I’m looking forward to finishing this painting. Ken Yarus demonstrated how to do the stripes on the cloth for me. I have to decide if I want to add the folds—it might be more interesting to add some of the more prominent ones. I’ll post the latest version once I’ve completed it.

©Francesca Droll, Citrus, Set up

©Francesca Droll, Citrus, Set up 2